Batch of Art Logo!


3D logo for Batch of Art as a part of CMPA assignment.


Leela Wagner


When you’re looking for innovative mix-media art, Leela Wagner’s your gal! Most of her finished work features her “Acryli-Shop” technique, which combines acrylics with digital adjustments on Adobe Photoshop. The tutorials she posts on her DeviantArt account are a valuable resource to look through, highly recommend!

Her art can be found on her –tumblrdevaintart


Jake Wyatt


I’m surprised I hadn’t featured any comic artists yet! Jake Wyatt is an amazing comic artist. His coloring and detailed lines always leave jaws dropping. I love his action sequences; they’re dynamic and dramatic. He’s currently working on a webcomic called “Necropolis” which I suggest you give a look!

His art can be found on his –tumblr



Adam & Dog


Adam and Dog is an animated short directed and written by Minkyu Lee. It takes a new spin on the classic Adam and Eve story by exploring the relationship between man and his first ever best friend. Simplistic and emotionally capturing, the short explores friendship and loss in a way that’s suggestive and stirring.

The short contains not-so-frontal nudity. Just as a warning!

Adam and Dog news and art can be found on their –tumblr


Tim Mack


I’m a geek when it comes to character design, and Tim Mack displays all the things I love about it! Colors, shape and personality! His coloring style adds volume to his cartoony drawings, and the textures really push it forward. His interpretation of historical figures series is a must see.

His art can be found on his –tumblrblog


Shane Prigmore


A concept artist and character designer, Shane Prigmore has worked on animated movies such as Rise of the Guardians, How to Train Your Dragon, Coraline (my favorite stop-motion film) and loads more. His character designs for Coraline in particular almost have a Burton-like sensibility to them. He won an Annie award for best character design in an animated film and boy did he deserve it!

His art (and process) can be found on his –Blogspot


Pascal Campion


One of my current obsessions, Pascal Campion’s art is renown for its emotional use of color, lighting and spontaneity to recreate romantic and delightful snapshots of life moments. He portrays moments (ranging from childhood fun, young love, season changes, solitude, family bonds and so much more) with much sincerity, making it very easy to sympathize with his work. The way he establishes atmosphere and mood is unmatched.

His art can be found on his –DeviantArtTumblr